Baldur Bragason

Baldur Bodhi Bragason photographed at EDGE Studios i Los Angeles, California by Michelle Mosqueda.



Icelandic / Swedish photographer Baldur Bodhi Bragason was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, educated in Iceland, the USA and Italy and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden working for international clients around the world.



It is somewhat difficult to place Baldur in a box with a simple label on it when one can find such varied imagery in his portfolio for a mix of advertising, corporate and editorial clients.

His wide range of work includes everything from celebrity portraits of actors, artists, musicians and politicians to models in beauty shots and fashion, still and unit photography for feature films along with key art posters for movies, television and theatre juxtaposed with travel vistas and landscapes. Add to that still life product shots of various subjects ranging from the small to the large, from jewelry to interior design and architecture with cars and motorcycle images either in the studio or on location.


A self professed tech nerd he is known for his depth of knowledge of the technical side of photography and lighting and he does all of his own highly detailed digital post production and has delivered all of his work digitally since the late 90's. His photography has been described as having a heightened feeling of reality or "Reality Plus" tending towards illustration and he often will use studio techniques out on location blending available light and artificial sources together for his take on what we should perceive as his take on reality.


A polymath and an autodidact with a wide range of interests he studied journalism and psychology in school before attending the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Before becoming a professional photographer he started to work in his early teens along with his studies and has worked as a bouncer, bartender, bricklayer, bodyguard, salesman, painter, welder, tattoo artist, illustrator, journalist, editor, radio presenter with some acting thrown in for good measure. Before launching his own career he worked as a free-lance photo assistant and studio manager for over 50 photographers and studios in Los Angeles, New York City and Milan, Italy.


An avid reader since early childhood who would rather choose books than food if stuck on a desert island for a month his incurable wanderlust invariably leads him to take the slightest excuse to travel far and wide and when not creating images, writing or giving lectures to students he can be found either here or there reading a book or three at the same time, scuba diving, training martial arts, kayaking, riding downhill mountainbikes, taking road trips, riding motorcycles or at home in the woods with scraped knuckles doing carpentry or reviving an old engine...............



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